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Indigenous Peoples Trail 1:75,000

area SE of Kathmandu

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area SE of Kathmandu The Indigenous People Trail map at 1:75,000 highlighting a trekking circuit in the less visited part of Nepal directly east of Kathmandu. The map is part of the Nepa Maps series which provides extensive coverage of trekking areas of Nepal on detailed contoured maps with trekking routes and hiking trails, huts and camp sites, local places of interest and other tourist information. The map covers an area directly east of Kathmandu, with Dhulikhel and Khopasi at its western edge and Charikot in the north-eastern corner. Numerous trails are marked, with the main highlighted route crossing the area east of the Sunkashi River. Contours are at 80m intervals, with additional vegetation colouring. Margin ticks show latitude and longitude at intervals of 5'. The map is indexed and includes additional information on various stages of the main trek and other activities in this area.

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