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Climbing Wall Essentials

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Whether you are an experienced climber who uses a climbing wall for training for the outdoors, a beginner climber visiting the climbing wall for the first time, or an indoor only climber who uses the wall for keeping fit, meeting friends and competing in friendly competitions - Climbing Wall Essentials shows the skills needed to operate safely and efficiently in an indoor climbing centre. Climbing Wall Essentials also details information on, warming up, improving your technique, how to lead climb, pushing your grade, introducing children to climbing walls, and entering the world of competition climbing. It also looks at how to make that important transition from climbing indoors to climbing outdoors on rock. The information in this DVD is relevant to all climbing walls. But remember, climbing walls are all different and consequently have different designs and management and therefore different rules and regulations which must be adhered to and understood when visiting each individual climbing centre. This DVD is a must for any enthusiastic indoor climber, no matter what stage they are at in their climbing development. The material on the DVD can be re-visited time and time again as a climber progresses and develops.

Filmed by Hotaches, it's also packed full of info on warming up, technique improvement, pushing your grade, children and walls, and heading outside.

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