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Essential Fontainebleau

The Complete Guide to Bouldering

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In the last few decades bouldering has evolved from a means of training for 'real' climbing to one of the most popular rock climbing disciplines in its own right. Initially many climbers are drawn to bouldering's simplicity but as they become more deeply involved they discover a complex pursuit, part dance, part martial art in which strategy, creativity and problem solving are just as important as strength. Bouldering Essentials is packed with clear, practical advice for anyone interested in bouldering whether a complete beginner looking to learn the basics, an indoor climber keen to start bouldering outdoors or an experienced boulderer who wants to explore more advanced topics such as dynamics, strategy, tactics and highballing. Chapters include: * The Basics * Equipment * Staying Safe * Movement * Dynamics * Indoors * Starting Outdoors * Strategy * Training * Destinations Illustrated with over 200 stunning colour photos from the best bouldering areas in the world, including Bishop, Castle Hill, Fontainebleau, Hueco Tanks and Rocklands, Bouldering Essentials provides the inspiration as well as the information you need to reach your full potential as a boulderer.

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Jan 2013

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