A Snow Goose

& Other Utopian Fictions

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‘After the Fall’ plays with the notion of human credulity, symbolised her by the shadowy existence of the Yeti and building on HG Wells’ climbing sequences in The Country of the Blind to construct it’s own utopian fantasy. ‘Incident at Mew Stone Point’ takes a climbing location on the limestone sea-cliffs of the Castlemartin peninsula in South Pembrokeshire and a premise from Ambrose Bierce’s 1890 tale, ‘An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge’ and produces something altogether more celebratory; a rock-climbing romance. The final story ‘The Burning’ picks up a contentious remark made by the poet R.S Thomas in support of the campaign of arson against Welsh holiday cottages from 1979- 1994. The story weaves together Welsh mythology and influences from Jung to contemporary Welsh social tradition to produce a scintillating comedy of identity. Jim Perrin having collected his Honoary Fellowship from Bangor University.Jim Perrin is best known as a rock climber and acclaimed travel writer, including contributing to the Guardian Country Diary. Before turning to writing, he worked as a shepherd in Cwm Pennant and has made many contributions to newspapers and climbing magazines. As a climber, he has developed new routes, as well as making solo ascents of a number of established routes.

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