8C Plus Crunch Chalk

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The 8C Plus Chalk Bag contains 100% Magnesium Carbonate, specifically developed for rock climbing and other grip-sential sports. This is the chalk of choice with all Rock + Run staff – a quality close to that of Friction Labs at a fraction of the price!

This chalk comes from one of the oldest ‘chalk’ producers in the world and is guaranteed to be THE best pure magnesium carbonate available.

Something you may not know: most chalk used to come from Italy, and was as pure as the driven snow. As price became more and more of an issue most manufacturers began sourcing their chalk from the Far East. Whilst this chalk is still perfectly good, it is harder to absolutely guarantee it does not contain impurities and/or bulking agents. Therefore, whilst Beta Chalk is not the cheapest chalk available, it is certainly the best product available for those who wish to guarantee they get 100% Magnesium Carbonate.

Weight 120.00 g