Blood, Sweat and Smears

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Over the last 40 years, Gary Gibson has made the first ascents of more than 4,750 climbing routes. These routes have given enjoyment and exhilaration to untold thousands of climbers.Bedevilled by controversy, mostly of his own making, Gary has gone his own way and clashed with the climbing establishment of the day. Over time, British climbing has changed immeasurably – and so has Gary. Gary has more than just climbing in his life: his love for his favourite ‘punk’ band, his inherited love for his football club, his long and continuous commitment to his profession and more than anything his love for his family and friends.Love him or hate him, in this book Gary shares his thoughts and memories giving the reader a personal insight into this ‘controversial’ man. Blood, Sweat and Smears is a truly remarkable story.

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