Cross-country Skiing

Building Skills for Fun and Fitness

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From the first time you step into your bindings to mastering the stride, the glide, and the skate: Steve Hindman has you covered. As a certified instructor, he’s introduced hundreds of people to the sport; he also wrote the study guide for the Professional Ski Instructors of America certification exam. Here he shares the same techniques he teaches on the snow, whether you’re setting out for a city park, looking for family fun at a groomed ski area, or heading into the backcountry to set your own track.

This comprehensive guide covers equipment and accessories, waxing for grip and glide, training and conditioning, snow camping, route finding, and avalanche awareness. It will take you from how to fall (and how to get up again), through the classic and skate skiing basics (including stance, poling principles, and downhill tactics), to effective racing technique. It also takes up more advanced variations of the sport-freeheel, telemark, and ski mountaineering.


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Steve Hindman


Mountaineers Books

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01 October 2005



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176mm x 215mm



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and Ski Trax., Backcountry Magazine, Ski Patrol Magazine, The Professional Skier

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