The Games Climbers Play

A Selection of 100 Mountaineering Articles

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The Games Climbers Play remains a perennially popular mountaineering anthology on both sides of the Atlantic – this is the fourth impression in Britain and the third in America. It contains some of the finest essays written on mountaineering and a plethora of more light-hearted and humorous items. The late Sheridan Anderson’s cartoons and illustrations aptly reflect the rabelaisian nature of the selection. Unlike earlier anthologies, that drew their material by excerpting from books, the bulk of the articles in Games are taken from contemporary magazine and journals and are (for the most part) unabridged. They have a freshness and immediacy often lacking from more painstakingly selected high-brow collections. A book that will both inspire and entertain.

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Author of book

Ken Wilson


Baton Wicks

Publish Date

01 December 2005



Page size

155mm x 234mm



Author description

biographies and historical narratives., Cave-Diving and Ski-Mountaineering). There is also one Military title. The general strategy is to acquire titles from writers, Diadem Books Limited, Diadem publishing ended in 1993. Wilson left the company and set up B &acircton Wicks to publish new titles and steadily re-acquire the Diadem list. On reprinting, established in 1978 by Ken Vickers and Ken Wilson, mountaineering and rock-climbing. From time to time suitably related titles from other adventure sports are added (e.g. Caving, past and present, was sold to Hodder and Stoughton in 1989 and was run from within the Hodder group with Wilson as publisher. Following the Hodder/Headline merger

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