The Matterhorn:The Most Dangerous Mountain

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No other mountain in the world is as fascinating as the Matterhorn. Since the dramatic first ascent in 1865, the drama and the myths have created a unique interest in this mountain, which has probably caused the deaths of more mountaineers than any other. Each year, thousands of climbers attempt to reach the summit, but only one in five succeeds. And every season, the mountain claims the lives of ten to twenty climbers.

Steffen Kjaer describes his and his climbing partner Brian Jorgensen’s attempt to make it to the summit of the Matterhorn. After careful preparation and perfect acclimatisation, they take off to face the challenge of their lives. On the descent, however, something goes wrong. All of a sudden, they find themselves caught in one of Matterhorn’s countless and lethal rockslides…Besides following the author’s struggles on the Matterhorn, this book also includes a range of short articles: it offers an account of the mountain’s history, including the legendary first ascent in 1865, as well as a facts


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Author of book

Steffen Kjaer


Alpine Adventure

Publish Date

04 February 2011



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155mm x 195mm



Author description

his best days have been those spent in the mountains, Steffen Kjaer is a mountaineer and a journalist. In his books, wearing a backpack on his shoulders and his rugged mountain boots mounted with crampons. From his many climbs towards the most legendary summits of the Alps, with ice axe in hand

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