Alpine Ice Vol 2

Central and Eastern Alps

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A selection of the most attractive ice falls in France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria and Slovenia.

There are 2 volumes:Alpine Ice vol.1 France, Switzerland and Italy – western Alps and Alpine Ice vol. 2 Italy – Central and Eastern Alps, Austria and Slovenia

There are approximately 650 climbs described in this second volume, and just like the first guide book we have made it easier for those who have difficulty in finding their way, by including photos of every ice fall, the geographical coordinates of car parks and of almost all the routes.

Increasingly precise information which must not take away the sense of unknown which remains when tackling an ice fall, but should be analysed and stored to reduce the risks. The work is completed with a few stories of ascents and a memoir on Luca Vuerich the very strong alpinist from Friuli who died in 2010. In a few words, a treasure chest of seducing proposals for adventurous climbers, an invitation to travel beyond one’s usual destinations, and an ode to the wilder side of the Alps.

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