Alpine Mountaineering

Essential Knowledge for Budding Alpinists

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Everything you need to know is here and none of the issues are ducked, from dealing with hut guardians to moving ropes together.

The first part of the book deals with the knowledge and techniques you will need. The second part consists of a choice of good routes to help you gain experience.

In this guidebook-style section the route length is included together with the area, where to stay, access, map and kit requirements and the full route descriptions.

The chapters are Going Alpine; About the Alps; Objective Dangers; Weather; Kit; Technical Equipment; Alpine Movement; Protecting Yourself; Glacier Travel; Speed vs Security; Navigation; Rescue; Via Ferrata; Planning an Alpine Trip; Am I Ready?; Guidebook.

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Author of book

Bruce Goodlad


Pesda Press

Publish Date

31 October 2011



Page size

170mm x 240mm



Number of pages


Author description

"Dad, at a young age, Born in Ayrshire with both parents employed as teachers, Bruce has been a regular contributor to Climber magazine for many years., Bruce spent a year at Glenmore Lodge (the national outdoor training centre in the Scottish Highlands) as a trainee instructor. He has worked in the outdoor industry ever since, Bruce spent most of his childhood in the outdoors. He is quoted by his father as asking, sharing his passion for the mountains with his clients in the form of climbing courses in the summer months and skiing and ice climbing in winter. Away from the mountains, why do we have to climb every mountain?" He's been climbing mountains ever since! After studying geography at Glasgow University

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