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The BMC guide to occupiers’ liability has been updated and refreshed, making it easier for landowners, managers and users to understand the legislation governing liability, and answers the concerns of landowners about the perceived liability risks associated with rock climbing on their land.

The BMC remains confident that landowners or occupiers will not be exposed to any potential liabilities in the event that a recreational rock climber has an accident on their land.  Climbing is an adventurous sports and the courts generally apply the principle that voluntary acceptance of risks by participants prevents a successful claim against others who have not committed any culpable act.

Called Climbing & Occupiers’ Liability, the booklet provides landowners, managers and visitors to the countryside and crags of England and Wales with a summary of the legislation which affects the obligation of those who own and manage land.

The BMC finds that while some owners and occupiers have traditionally been happy to give access for rock climbing, others are reluctant because of perceived concerns over possible legal liabilities.

The BMC is not aware of any successful claims by rock climbers in England and Wales.



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