How to Climb Harder

A Practical Manual: Essential Knowledge for Rock Climbers

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There’s advice on learning (how to make the most of your time spent practicing) and safety (what every climber needs to know). Basic footwork, handholds and body position: the foundations of all the more complex moves like corkscrew rock-overs and the secrets of climbing. Resting: how to take time-out in some improbable places. Advanced techniques including exotic (but really handy) foot-locks and dyno’s as well as red-pointing tips.

Lead climbing: reading routes, placing runners and sound tactics for success. Mind games: how to improve your confidence and conquer your fear of falling. And finally training: identifying your weaknesses and making yourself strong and fit to challenge your dream goal climb. The section on training young people will be of interest to any parent or coach.

Containing progressive exercises and drills to help you get practicing straight away and to help these skills become second nature. Tips and techniques from the most basic steps to exotic (but very useful) foot-locks and ‘chicken wing’ jams. It will appeal to a wide range of climbers.

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Author of book

Mark Reeves


Pesda Press

Publish Date

01 September 2010



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170mm x 270mm



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