Masterclass Part 2: Skills and Tactics for Sport and Trad Climbing DVD

Improve Your Climbing with Neil Gresham

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Neil Gresham, one of Britain’s leading climbers, has produced 2 fantastic films to get you climbing at your best.

Part 1 includes tips on how to make you move more efficiently on the rock as well as training ideas to power you up harder and more sustained routes.

Part 2 covers the skills required once out on the rock including tips for onsighting and redpointing, warming up and route reading, curing your fear of falling, placing gear without burning out, advanced preparation and strategy plus actual ascent footage of Neil on Equilibrium (E10 7a) at Burbage.

Sport & Trad
Sport Climbing

* Tips fo onsighting and redpointing
* Warming up and route reading
* Efficient clipping
* Cure your fear of falling
* How to use rests, breathe correctly and climb at the right pace
* PLUS: Actual first accent footage of Steve McClure on Rainshadow, F9a, Malham

Trad Climbing

* Placing gear without burning out
* Advanced preparation and strategy
* Tips for onsighting and headpointing
* PLUS:Actual ascent footage of Neil Gresham on Equilibrum, E10 7a, Burbage

70 minutes of essential tips and advise

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Author of book

Neil Gresham


Crux Films

Publish Date

01 January 2005



Page size

60 mins

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