Mount Gongga & Glacier, Sichuan, China 1:25,000

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In the scenic area, there are more than ten plateau lakes, including Mugecuo, Wuxuhai, Renzhonghai and Bawanghai. Some of them are at the foot of glaciers and some are surrounded by forests, all of which keep their original natural features. There are also some hot springs in the mountain, of which the most famous are Kangding Erqiao Hot Spring and Hailuogou Hot Spring. In addition, there are several Tibetan Buddhism lamaseries in the scenic area, such as Gongga Lamasery and Tagong Lamasery.

As one of the places where maritime glaciers originate, Mount Gongga is best well-known for its 159 glaciers which cover more than 390 square kilometers (about 151 square miles). The most famous glaciers are Hailuogou Glacier No.1, Kunba Glacier, Bawang Glacier, Yanzigou Glacier and Mizigou Glacier, with ice that can be 150 to 300 meters (about 492 to 984 feet) thick. The largest is Hailuogou Glacier No.1 at 6 kilometers (about 4 miles) long and 0.4 to 0.7 kilometers (0.25 to 0.43 miles) wide, which is believed to have formed 1,600 years ago.

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Chinese Institute of Glaciology*

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21 September 2011


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