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For the first time the number of routes at Portland and Lulworth have become so massive it warrants a single guide all to themselves. The popularity of the amenable sport climbs has given rise to an unprecedented amount of new route activity over the past two decades. With the definitive list of sport and traditional climbing together in one place we are sure the pioneering activities will continue as the untamed gaps are easily identified.

The guide is presented in full colour with photo topos covering all the main areas allowing quick identification of routes. The essence of the traditional CC guide has been preserve with a good description of the climbing for each route and different lines denote if they have fully fixed gear or if traditional equipment is required.

The modern approach continues with the inclusion of many of the area’s fine bouldering and the landscape format lends itself to photographs of the wide cliff faces.

The deep water soloing has been added to a greater depth and includes many new lines not seen before. The spirit and many faces of the climbers of Dorset are reflected by the sheer number of action shots throughout the book.

The main author, Steve Taylor has spent much of the past decade painstakingly updating and investigating the many hundreds of climbs in the area. He has been at the heart of the new routing activity, both forging new lines and supporting others on their projects. He has added his experience and contacts with the local activists into the definitive guide. Supporting him, two local activists Ben Stokes and Jim Kimber, have helped add their knowledge of their preferred specialism of climbing.

The book is heaving with experience and many handy tips and warnings are given within the text or highlighted in blue boxes on the page.


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Author of book

Ben Stokes and Jim Kimber., Steve Taylor


Climbers' Club

Publish Date

02 September 2008



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210mm x 150mm



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Author description

The Climbers' Club was founded in 1898 and is a national club, which aims to encourage climbing and to promote the interests of mountaineers and the mountain environment.The CC produces guidebooks to climbing areas in the South of England and Wales.

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