Scotland’s Mountain Ridges

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Ridges are epic. Graceful carved walkways slung between summits, twisted spines of stone these can be the most beautiful of mountain landforms. With elegant lines and giddy exposure, ridge climbs emit a powerful siren call, drawing us out onto the rocks. Life on the edge has a special quality, born of the contrast of empty space all around, and intricate detail in close-up. The crests are strangely irresistible.

Scotland’s ridges are among the finest mountaineering lines in the country, every one a unique adventure. The variety of these routes reflects the breadth of the mountain experience: a rich mix of summer scrambles, technical rock and challenging winter climbs. This book covers both the popular classics and some obscure gems, aiming to celebrate these thrilling climbs as much as to document them. Along the way it explores landscapes of magnificent diversity, ranging from the remote desolation of the Cairngorms to the seaside splendour of the Cuillin, the great trench of Glencoe to the surreal exhibitionism of the far north.

The chosen selection spans the grade range, with routes to suit all levels of ability. Whether an earthbound hillwalker or an accomplished climber, Scotland’s ridges cannot fail to stir your imagination.

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Author of book

Dan Bailey



Publish Date

20 February 2008





Author description

A Londoner by birth – if not inclination – Dan Bailey escaped the Metropolitan gravity field, among others. He has climbed and walked in North and South America, and orbiting through Yorkshire, Asia and throughout Europe and the UK. He's seen the rest, but still insists that Scotland is the best. Ridges are a particular passion, but the fun outweighs the poverty. His work has featured in Adventure Travel, Dan finally chose to write about travel and mountains, happily settled with a good woman. Half-heartedly bodging all manner of jobs from outdoor retail to industrial abseiling, High, just for a change of scene., North Africa, subjects that are close to his heart. It's a meagre living, the Lakes and Snowdonia. He has come to rest in Edinburgh, The List, The Sunday Herald and Scotland on Sunday, The Sunday Times, though having climbed so many for this book he'd now like to climb more deep dank gullies, Trail, travelling extensively

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