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The Scottish Sport Climbs guidebook is the first definitive sport climbing guide for Scotland, written by 18 of the leading Scottish sport climbers for the SMC.

Including 1300 routes from grades F3 to 9a, spread across over 100 crags from the Central Belt to Shetland and Arisaig to Aberdeen, the¬†Scottish Sport Climbs guide is lavishly illustrated with action photos for each main crag, easy-to-use maps and photo diagrams, and a colour-coded route grading system. The guide covers sport climbing as well all Scotland’s world-class ‘dry tooling’ routes. The landscape format is designed to lay open at the crags, and the cover flaps contain useful reference information for those new to sport climbing as well as climbers visiting from other countries.

Sport climbing has a wider audience than traditional climbing; with quick drying accessible crags, it suits the busy modern climber and the family-friendly climbing day.

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Author of book

Andy Nesbet



Publish Date

03 June 2013



Page size

210mm x 150mm



Author description

Andy Nisbet, but give the latest information about crag access, coordinating author of the guidebook, is better known for his wide ranging first ascents of traditional winter and summer climbs in Scotland. A zealous convert to sport climbing, the best local pubs and any other top tips to make a crag visit a great day out.

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