STYRKR SLT07 Effervescent Citrus

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STYRKR SLT07 Effervescent Citrus

SLT07 is a super-convenient, highly effective rehydration tablet specifically designed for endurance athletes that delivers every time, under all intensities and environmental conditions.

  • Highest single and adjustable serving hydration tablet on the market 
  • Perfectly mimics the ratio of electrolytes in human sweat with added sodium
  • Ensures rapid rehydration and prevents muscle cramping
  • Quick release and fastest absorbing formulation
  • Developed by professional sports nutritionists and tested by athletes
  • Allergen-Free, Gluten-free and 100% vegan. Made in the UK
What are hydration tablets?

Electrolyte and hydration tablets provide a practical solution for people or athletes who experience significant physical strain and require fluid replenishment.

When should you take hydration tablets?

It is recommended that electrolyte tablets be taken during or after exercise, particularly when there is heavy sweating and a need for mineral replacement due to lost minerals through sweat.

How do you use SLT07?

Drop a tablet – or half – in 500ml of water, shake well and drink.
(It’s not advisable to take more than 3 tablets in a single day.)

What goes into SLT07 Hydration Tablets?

The perfect hypotonic formulation sodium 1000mg, potassium 100mg, magnesium 25mg, and calcium 15mg

Quad-blend electrolytes

Our ‘quad-blend’ electrolyte mix perfectly mimics the ratio of electrolytes in human sweat with added sodium to ensure that vital salts are constantly replenished.

Gentle on the stomach

Once dissolved, the pH of the final solution transits quicker from the stomach to the small intestine reducing any irritation.

Dual dosage effervescence

Use a whole tablet if you sweat heavily or are exercising in hot conditions. If you don’t sweat heavily and the conditions are mild, just use half.

No added Sugar

No added sugar and no unnecessary preservatives.

Vegan and gluten-free

All ingredients in SLT07 are vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free and responsibly sourced.

Full ingredients: citric acid, sodium hydrogen carbonate (500mg sodium per tablet), sodium carbonate (500mg sodium per tablet), malic acid, sorbitol, potassium hydrogen carbonate, inulin, magnesium carbonate, tricalcium phosphate, red beet juice powder (red beet juice powder, maltodextrin), sucralose, flavourings, riboflavin-5 ́-phosphate-sodium.

Nutritional Value mg %nrv
Sodium 1000 43.48
Potassium 100 2.86
Magnesium 25 6.66
Calcium 15 1.5
Weight 150.00 g