The Book of the Bivvy

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The Book of The Bivvy is a half-and-half mix of how to do it and why to do it (or how not to do it, and why not to do it). Accounts of bivvy bag nights and expeditions, both nice and nasty, alternate with practical chapters about the technicalities of the breathable membrane, how little kit you really can get away with and the secrets of lightweight long distance. The book closes with a selection of bivvy bag expeditions to initiate the unwary into the secrets.

Ronald’s informed, humorous, instructive, wry look at the world of the bivouac is certainly the first, and perhaps the last, word on this unexplored territory.



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Author of book

Ronald Turnbull



Publish Date

01 October 2007





Author description

and a more remote ancestor was distinguished as only the second climbing fatality in Snowdonia. He now lives in the Lowther Climb hills of Dumfriesshire. Most of his walking, and writing, into an energetic if not especially distinguished fellwalking family. His grandfather was a president of the Scottish Mountaineering Club, Ronald Turnbull was born at St Andrews, Scotland, takes place in the nearby Lake District and in the Scottish Highlands.

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