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The distinctive map jigsaw puzzle

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MAZZLE, the distinctive 1000 piece map jigsaw puzzle from HARVEY

The Munros MAZZLE – bring the mountains home!

Just when you thought you had run out of ideas for gifts for your walking friends, HARVEY comes up with the MAZZLE – a map jigsaw of your favourite hills. The Munros MAZZLE is a full colour jigsaw based on the bestselling book, The Munros, The Complete Collection of Maps.

With all 282 Munros shown, and many of them labelled, the finished puzzle is sure to delight map lovers and mountain baggers alike.

The MAZZLE is a fascinating map jigsaw puzzle which will delight walkers and jigsaw addicts. It is also an excellent souvenir.

Moderately difficult jigsaw with lots of detail

Actual jigsaw size 660 x 500mm. 1000 pieces.

Moderately difficult jigsaw with lots of detail. Not suitable for children under 36 months.

Weight 600.00 g