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Thousands of people in Britain, or their pets and livestock, will come under attack this year from ticks. Nowadays we expect a walk in the country to be carefree, safe and healthy. The reality is not quite like that. Throughout rural Britain, ticks are present in large numbers – and they carry diseases. One of these, Lyme disease, is especially dangerous, and has attracted widespread publicity in recent years. Now, with the problem of global warming, ticks are invading new territories.

They enjoy milder winters and their seasons of activity in spring and autumn are growing longer. Their insidious presence is a real concern for anyone who spends much time in open country (or even in city parks). Both animals and humans are at risk. There is no need to panic. If you deal with a tick attack promptly and correctly, long-term health problems can be avoided. This new edition of this handy pocket guide has been expanded to cover the whole range of tick victims, including dogs, cats, horses and livestock. Written in an accessible, jargon-free style, it contains all the practical information you need to keep your family, and the animals you care about, safe.

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Mercat Press

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01 December 2005



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