Toubkal Hiking Map and Marrakech Street Plan

1:50 000 Waterproof map

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Jbel Toubkal and the surrounding area on a hiking map at 1:50,000, with on the reverse a detailed street plan of central Marrakesh, including its Medina, printed on light, waterproof and treat-resistant synthetic paper.

On one side is a detailed topographic map at 1:50,000 centred on the village of Imelil, about 8km north of Toubkal, covering an area of 32kms east/west by 22kms north/south. Topographic information includes contours at 20m intervals, hill-shading, woodland and scrub areas, springs, creeks, rivers and dry riverbeds. The map shows local roads, tracks and footpaths. Funicular railways and ski-lifts are also marked. Symbols indicate locations of campsites and refuges, ski-stations, and religious buildings. The map has a 1km UTM grid and margin ticks at 5’ intervals.

On the reverse is a clear plan of central Marrakech at approximately 1:8,700. It covers the Medina district and extends westwards to the main railway terminus. Colours highlight main sites of interest, public buildings, shopping areas/markets and pedestrian zones. One-way streets are marked and symbols show a range of useful features e.g. selected, hotels, taxi ranks, car parks, information offices, petrol stations, public water fountains, places of worship, etc.

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Publish Date

04 August 2008

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115mm x 240mm


Folded Map

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