Trekking in Greenland

The Arctic Circel Trail

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a summer walk, ideally from mid-June to mid-September, when the tundra is bursting with life; during the long winter, snow and ice, short days and bitter cold are the normCentres
start at Kangerlussuaq and finish at Sisimiut – vast empty landscapes inbetween!Difficulty
not particularly difficult, mostly gently graded, but with a few short, steep, rocky slopes but very remote; trekkers must be completely self-sufficient but basic huts are available at good intervalsMust See
trips to the ice cap; visiting an arctic desert; climbing Sugar Loaf; Kangerlussuaq; Tarajornitsut saline lakes; paddling the lake of Amitsorsuaq; beach at Kangerluatsiarsuaq; views from Iluliumanersuup Portornga; the valley below Nerumaq; the valley of Qerrortusup Majoriaa; Kællingehætten; Sisimiut

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Paddy Dillon



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31 October 2010



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Africa and the Rocky Mountains of Canada and the USA. While researching routes, and is a dedicated island-hopper. He has led guided walks and walked extensively in Europe, and is a member of the Outdoor Writers' Guild., as well as for tourism organisations. Paddy lives near the Lake District and has walked in every county in England, as well as in Nepal, as well as more than a dozen booklets and brochures. He writes for outdoor magazines and other publications, challenging long-distance walks, has appeared on radio and TV, having been written at the very point at which the reader uses them. Paddy takes his own photographs, Ireland and Wales; writing about walks in every one of them. Paddy enjoys simple day walks, Paddy Dillon is a prolific outdoor writer with over thirty guidebooks to his name, Paddy works directly onto a palmtop computer, Scotland, so that his descriptions are precise, Tibet

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