UIAA Alpine Summer Skills Handbook

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UIAA Alpine Summer Skills Handbook 2023 Edition

This Alpine Summer Skills Handbook was first published in 2013 and is intended for hikers, climbers and mountaineers who wish to progress in the practice of their favourite activity by acquiring additional knowledge and skills. The Handbook is the result of close collaboration between the UIAA, the Petzl Foundation and the Alpine Club of Canada. A new and third edition of the Handbook was recently released in English. Print copies can be now ordered by UIAA member associations.

The Handbook’s seven modules focus primarily on summer activities: Basic Knowledge, Alpine Hiking, Climbing and Alpinism. Its goal is to put forth proven techniques that should be learned and mastered through proper technical training as provided by an instructor. Chapters and subjects include: Meteorology, Orientation, Navigation, Group Management, Decision-Making, Adapting to the Environment, Rescue, Alpine Hiking, Equipment, Belaying, Multi-Pitch Route, Rappelling, Snow and Ice and Crevasses.

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