Via Ferrata Scrambles in the Dolomites: Vol 2

Southern Dolomites, Brenta and Lake Garda

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Book Two in this series documents Via Ferrata routes in the major mountain ranges of Civetta, Schiara and Pala as well as those to the west in the Brenta. A significant addition (and, as far as we are aware, not previously published in any English language guidebook) is the inclusion of routes around the northern end of Lake Garda and the Piccole Dolomites north of Vicenza. Here the mountains are generally lower and you can enjoy ferrata climbing over a much extended season, with some routes accessible for most of the year.

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Author of book

Graham Fletcher and John Smith



Publish Date

05 June 2012



Page size

123mm x 175mm



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Author description

Although John has a great love of travel, the project was really rewarding; researching the routes and working with Graham was a shared labour of love with many enjoyable and exciting days in the Dolomites., walking and climbing mountains around the world

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