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1:50,000 Ski

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Detailed ski map at 1:50,000 from Swisstopo, the country’s national survey organization, showing routes for skiing and/or snowboarding, access by public transport, recommended itineraries, lists of mountain huts, etc.

The series uses the cartography of Switzerland’s topographic survey, with additional colouring to show slopes steeper than 30°.

.An overprint highlights ski routes, indicating suggested direction, difficult passages and sections which must be covered on foot. Also marked are areas where it is forbidden to leave the routes shown on the map.

The maps also highlight roads with bus routes, indicating individual bus stops, show ski lifts and funiculars, plus mark locations of refuges or other mountain accommodation. Each title has the Swiss national grid at intervals of 1km, plus latitude and longitude margin ticks at 1’.

Some titles cover a larger area, with a part of an adjoining sheet printed on the reverse of the main map as indicated on our series grid. Where appropriate, ski information extends across the border to France and Italy.

On the reverse are itineraries of routes recommended by the Swiss Alpine Club, indicating the degree of difficulty, plus lists of alpine huts with contact details.

Map legend for the overprint includes English. The text about the routes and accommodation is in the main language of the area covered by the map.

To see the list of all the titles in this series please click on the series link

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Swiss topo

Publish Date

01 October 2004

Page size

130mm x 190mm


Folded Map

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