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8BPLUS partnered with #tide ocean material to reduce plastic pollution in our oceans and coastlines and recycle it into kickass climbing brushes. The granules used for creating this brush are entirely made from plastic waste collected in the oceans and along the coastlines and inflows of the Philippines and Thailand.

By purchasing this brush you help to clean our oceans, protect its animals and our eco-system whilst reducing the production of new plastic. Made with materials from #tide.



#tide, a Swiss plastic recycling innovator, developed a method to upcycle all kinds of single-use plastics (and not just PET bottles) into new high-quality products.

8BPLUS partnered with #tide to create high quality boulder brushes made 100% out of ocean waste. Make sure to check out the #tide story on http://tide.earth

▫️ Winner of “Best of Materials” at MATERIALICA Design & Tech. Awards 2019.
▫️ 100% ROHS and REACH compliant.


Weight 100.00 g