Y and Y Classic Belay Glasses

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Say goodbye to belayer’s neck ! An easy way to prevent neck pain, and stay focussed on what you need to.

As any climber will know, belaying involves looking up (and straining your neck) for long periods of time.

Y&Y belay glasses can help climbers by removing the need to constantly raise their head, keeping neck muscles relaxed for longer. You can keep an eye on your environment and the task at hand, while keeping your partner in sight, giving you more concentration and better security.

  • High quality optical prisms
  • Light and resistant stainless steel frames
  • Flexible bows with memory alloy
  • High quality glasses cases with carabiner to hang to your harness

And don’t worry if you already sport some face furniture: wearers of eyeglasses and users of sunglasses can wear Y&Y Belay Glasses too.

What’s in the box?
Y&Y Belay glasses
Glasses case
Info card
Mini screwdriver
Back-up nose pads
Rope retainer


Weight 200.00 g

Y & Y Belay Glasses

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