Brecon Beacons Mountain map


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This map has all the usual Britain Mountain Map features: 1:40,000; the Magic Scale printed on polyethylene tough, light, waterproof contour colour shading for easy identification of Climb hills and valleys mountain incident and first aid advice tips on using your map and compass The Brecon Beacons have an irresistible draw and this is where I began my journey to the roof of the world. The breathtaking landscape provides challenges and adventures for all ages and abilities and this expertly designed map is the key to exploring it. Tori James, the first Welsh woman to climb Mount Everest (May 2007).

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Author of book

Harvey Maps


Harvey Maps

Publish Date

15 April 2011


English & Welsh


Waterproof map (folded)

Author description

contouring shows land shape in plenty of detail. Marshy ground, peat hags and rocky ground are indicated, so walkers can avoid them if they choose to., The HARVEY map is detailed so walkers can find their way surely. Rights of Way are marked. The National Grid and Mountain Rescue posts are shown. For safe navigation in all conditions

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