Gekco Refillable Chalk Ball 50g

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Gekco Refillable Chalk Ball 50g

Eco-friendly chalk ball. The world’s first 100% plant based & fully compostable.

The folks at Gekco were saddened by the single-use and non-recyclable nature of most chalk balls. Tired of the same old rubbish made in China of materials which showed no care for the environment they took this into their own hands and created the world’s first 100% hemp material and cord, bamboo toggle, hand made in Yorkshire.

Delivering just the right amount of chalk, perfect for routes, windy days and dustless bouldering.

These chalk balls contribute positively to the earth in their production and will last you years. Once they’re finished, simply compost them, throw them in your plant waste or plant them in the garden! Or refill with Gekco Loose Chalk!

Fully recyclable packaging. 

— Handmade with care in Yorkshire.
— Can be used time and time again.
— Releases just the right amount, not too much not too little.
— Reduces climbing wall dust and crag pollution

100% Hemp fabric and cord. We love hemp because:

— Biodegradable
— Antibacterial & antimicrobial
— 5 x more durable than cotton
— Carbon sink
— Promotes soil regeneration
— 20% of the water required for cotton, 250% more yield per same unit of land.

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